Ralph Garafola has made a living as a commercial illustrator and fine artist for more than 65 years and brings his style of contemporary realism to his oil and watercolor paintings of portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life and animals/pets. He travels throughout the Southern United States, Italy, England and France in search of new subjects and locations for future paintings while studying the works of the Old Masters.

“All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape, still life or pet, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.”

Ralph Garafola


  Frank J. Reilly The Elements of Painting

Garafola’s first published book "Frank J. Reilly - The Elements of Painting" reveals Reilly’s theory of what one needs to know about painting, as taught to Garafola. Frank J. Reilly was an American painter, illustrator, muralist and teacher. Reilly served as the Commissioner of Art for New York City

This book presents the principles and concepts of the craftsmanship involved in the graphic arts. The guidelines presented here will help students, art teachers and professional painters and designers discover and/or further develop their craft. FrankReillyTheElementsofPainting.com

To succeed in the realm of graphic arts, like dancing and music, one must acquire knowledge. By practicing and applying that knowledge, one becomes skillful. It was Reilly’s logical application which was the basis for developing my craft. After 65 successful years I have never found reason to change the drawing or painting methodology Reilly taught to me. I owe him my sincere gratitude. Now through this book I share it with you.

Ralph Garafola, Author/ Artist/ Educator


  The Price of Liberty & Freedom - Honoring Our Falling Heroes through HeartFelt Art 

Ralph Garafola painted “The Price of Liberty & Freedom” as a dedication to the ultimate sacrifice made by our heroes so we can continue living with the freedoms we have in our nation. Garafola, a veteran of the Korean War, long believed these fallen heroes should be honored with more than a photo on a mantle or bureau.

Garafola created this beautiful painting to be personalized with the photo of your hero inserted into the frame– creating a heartfelt work of art that truly honors their sacrifice. ThePriceofLibertyFreedom.com


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